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    6 ft. 1 in.
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    Bachelors Degree
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    Yes, living with me


I want a woman that I can trust without question and who can trust me the same. A woman whose loves me for my heart and soul. We would be like two vases of water poured into one larger more beautiful vase, in which we would be one. Holding each other, breathing each other, tasting each other as we watch the sun rise and set in each others arms. Laughing, crying, singing, praying, playing, working together to make life fun and safe for each other. I have not found that yet, but I am eternally hopeful. Maybe I am just a helpless romantic,lovely man but hope is what gets us out of bed each morning to face the day.

What I am looking for

As you can see, It is great to enjoy each day in life...take care of your responsibilities, be a good person and role model and have fun and great experiences along the way.. It is even better when you find someone who shares the same values and interests to enjoy the pleasures together. I am looking for that special person with the same outlook. I am looking forward to beginning my new journey in life and meeting new people... whether they become new friends or that special person.Quality compatibility is my quest. I am very interested in finding a woman that is willing to commit to a permanent relationship. As corny as it sounds, I want a relationship that always feels like that first date. I want to always feel that first kiss, LOL.