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Hi! my name is Trisha Sweet i am 16 years old and i love to have fun and party!!!! i have the most awesomeness friends ever like nickole, amanda, jayjay, alex, alex, michael, raul!!!! ya i love them all!!!! i go to Kent-Meridian i am in the 10th grade!!!! i am not a mean person unless u r mean to me first!!!!
HighSchool: Kent-Meridian High School
JuniorHighSchool: Fred Nelsen Junior High School
ElementarySchool: Renton Park Elementary School
Music: i like a lot of different music but my favorite is hip hop, R&B...
TV: my fav tv show is george lopez!!!
Books: i dont like to read
Sports: i like to play kickball and like to watch baseball and football
Interests: i love to party and hang wit my besties!!!!
Movies: my favorite movies r stomp the yard and step up 1&2
BestFeatures: a lot of people say that my best feature is my eyes!!!
Dreams: i have a lot of dreams but there is this one that keeps on coming back...its about me and im walking in a cave and a reallly big worm pops out of the ground and starts chasing me!!!!

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